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Michael Buckler

Art meets Science

Small part of the top of painting 'TAUBERGIESSEN' (1984, 116 x 90 cm, pigments/acryl on canvas) | Art by Michael Buckler, Germany: Part of Project 'Art meets Science'

Cosmos, Art and Technology: Moonstone (NASA Apollo-Mission) out of  'TAUBERGIESSEN' 1984, pigment-painting on canvas

'Art meets Science' means no calculated seizure of knowledge and no upsetted scientific legitimacy of art. The research view of the artist takes things seriously, for their secret order he is a mediator. Short-term or volatile amazement intellectual joke never replace him knowledge and interpreting understanding. If Michael Buckler lets appear at the same time on his canvas the infinite space and the yearning flight history of humanity, his wide mental scale has studied before astronomical knowledge and meteorites in thin-sections and was conquering the technology in order to transform into art. The relationship of things will so not only be visualized but also be recognized. And this thoroughness and care also applies to the material, Michael Buckler selects for his artworks. Once in precious lapislazuli, the mystery of Mary should appear. He paints with stardust.

Dr. Gisela Dimroth, Berlin

Michael Buckler, German Artist / Painter (BBK)

Paintings, Drawings, Art-Objects

The 1947 in Wuerzburg / Germany born artist Michael Buckler lives and worked since his study

at Highschool of Arts, Berlin (1968-73) in Waldkirch, Freiburg, Berlin (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland)

Exhibitions in Germany, France, Great-Britain, Switzerland


Art meets Science: The Man, Sciences and Cultures in Space and Time

   Art in Science Forum


paintings, drawings, multimedia, interactive objects

Paintings with integrated sensoric / mechatronic for kinetic and kybernetic objects


Mechatronic / Kinetic, Animation, Sound, Multimedia, VR (Virtual Reality / Simulation), 3D Architectural-Visualisations

HighEnd-3D (SOFTIMAGE XSI), Historisc Spacecraft-Material (NASA / ESA), Stereoskopy (Keystone,USA)

Preparation of mineralogic thin-sections with STRUERS Technology

Analog und digital mikroscopy of planetary materials (Genesis-Design) for artworks

Scientific Illustrations - Medical Art

(CIELab: The Human Colour Space)

The Human Color-Space (CIELab 3D) | Art and Graphic-Design by Michael Buckler, Germany

Art meets Science: a terminus, which became nearly self-explaining a synonym for the dialoge between art and science as well as between art and technologies. Multimedia, kinetics, mechatronics and kybernetics are today's usual parts of contemporary art - as functional as mathematic and geometry for aesthetic constructions or astronomy for practical navigation in antique times. Culture and sciences start more and more to reflect again eachother. With this website, the artist Michael Buckler (Germany) looks for exchange, collaborations and contacts with Institutions and persons in the spirit of 'art meets science'.